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music2 #music seems like one of those things that's awesome in concept, but proves not super-useful in practice. Maybe that's because, for me, there's a disconnect between artists I follow and the music I actually listen to. My choice to follow is based more on tweet content and personality. Additionally, at least in terms of Spotify integration, I don't see any advantage over the existing Spotify Radio feature. Both services stream blocks of suggested music based on a particular artist. Spotify has the added ability to base these streams on a particular song or playlist and, in general, socially-driven recommendations seems more on-point. Still, I won't be too quick to judge as this is a first release. I love the dropdown or swipe navigation option shown above, though perfecting this type of interaction on such a busy interface is a challenge. It's tough avoid accidental taps or pull-downs when the intent is to swipe and Twitter has done a pretty decent job.