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Late-Season Picks

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winterize I dropped the ball on getting my "Winter Essentials" out in time but, according to the weather, it's not too late! Snow! Second chances! Both = yay!

OK, so you'd probably survive the remaining 3.5 days of the season without these, but why not up your cold-weather cred before dreaded impossible-to-dress-appropriately-for limbo of Early Spring sets in?

Here's what I've got to keep you the envy of before, during, and après ski (<~ get it??):

1. Monday after a weekend ski trip is a total buzzkill. As this post from Portland Monthly explains, "the atmosphere back here in town is not so pristine," so bring some of those powder memories into your apt with a vintage-inspired print. Hit up HomeGoods or something (we're going for effect over quality here) and remain engulfed in a delusional fantasy until the last of that gross brown slush has finally been tracked into someone else's place.

2. Defect against the attack of the Hunter boot clones and stay dry in-style with Sorel Plaid Rain boots. Not feeling those exactly? There are a ton of similar options at Zappo's. I opt for the shorties since, you know, how often is +10" really a thing?

3. Do you know what this is? It's this. Nestle-Abuelita is apparently a not-so-secret ingredient for making bomb Mexican hot chocolate. Stay-tuned for detailed instructions in a subsequent post.

4. Ahhh the original protagonist that made it acceptable to wear heavy, leather boots with shorts in 90 degree weather is back. You can finally dig those Doc Marten's out of the basement, but why not try a new style before inevitably reverting back to your 7th grade wardrobe full on. You know once you're down there, the chain wallet is coming out of the box too.

5. Alpine Replay App - Finally someone executed this well. It seems like not too many people are using it, but don't let that stop you. They are missing out. Accurately track and map your runs including with stats including speed, distance, calories, jumps, air time, and vertical trop. Start it at the beginning of your day and you are set. It automatically accounts for lifts and maps them too! I haven't tried the video feature with stats overlay but that looks pretty cool too.

6. Salon Effects - For nails like woah. These things are my fav. Styles appro for all occasions, surprisingly durable, and bold enough to detract from your helmet hair.

7. Best for last! GoPro Hero3 White edition is my new fav toy and with 6-month financing from Best Buy I totally suggest you get one. It's super small, takes clear HD video and sick wide-angle stills. Just make sure you allow for some setup time so you don't miss out on any footage opps. You need to have you micro-SD card ready to go and update the firmware before you can use it. It doesn't take long, but it's kind of a pain to realize in the car while turning into the lo-signal mountain parking lot.