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Greatest Book Ever

D-I-Y-, Design, Interior, Techandrea dulkoComment

"Because sometimes it's better to have information search for you."~me
handy I recommend picking up a copy of Handyman In Your Pocket. Go physical book to one to experience the super-thin, super-smooth pages. It's like a dictionary from back in the day!

So here's the deal. With content so curated to individual interests these days, you are pretty much screwed without this book. You will really never know what you don't know. Do you know how to calculate wind chill? Didn't think so. Do you know how to create a latte bear? Well, I'm not sure if that's in there, but I was introduced to the book on a coffee run to West Elm Market where that bear apparently happened. Yea... now I feel pretty bad about getting the standard leaf design x3 visits, but they still make a pretty solid drink.