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Sound City

Musicandrea dulkoComment

sound_city I unexpectedly got to check out Dave Grohl at the Hammerstein a couple of weeks back. (This dude has some sweet pics from the show up on his site:  Not unlike pickles and mustard, Dave's really grown on me since the days when I was super creeped-out by Nirvana's drummer. Though I would have been fine continuing to be able to claim I have never heard Rick Springfield perform Jessie's Girl, the show was pretty solid and effectively got me excited about the movie. Dave joining John Fogerty for "Born on the Bayou" (example!) as well as the Stevie Nicks' were definite highlights.

A huge, bold, white text logo on black background was projected on stage between sets. Those letters look really good together. Of course, perfect sizing and spacing doesn't hurt either. I really all of the promos for this movie. They are just new enough to be appealing and just dirty enough to prove the dream of the 90s IS alive lol.