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Put A Flake On It

D-I-Y-andrea dulkoComment

flake4 Do you know how it feels to be the only one at the party unable to talk about your homemade giftwrap "process"? Crappy. Don't find yourself in this situation. Instead, try this easy (and pretty fun) way to prove a personal touch means just as much to you as the next girl.

What you'll need:

  • Screen printing screen
  • Photo emulsion
  • Screen printing squeegee
  • Fabric Ink

(I'd go with this kit: It has all of th supplies listed above, plus a few extras in case you start getting into this kind of thing.)

  • Canvas tote(s)
  • Festive holiday ornament (must be flat)
  • Daylight!


  1. Set up your space. Put some newspaper down or something. All of the materials wash of of hard surfaces pretty easily with water... but you know.
  2. Cover your screen with a thin later of photo emulsion. A few notes here. Follow the emulsion mixing instructions. Once the screen is covered, it needs to be stored in a dark place (closet) until you are ready to complete the project.
  3. Once the emulsion is completely dry, take your screen outside and place your ornament in th e center. DON'T MOVE IT. EVER. And by ever, I mean for 5-7 minutes. You'll notice the emulsion start to turn from green to blue. Once this happens, take your screen in and rinse it off in the sink. You'll notice the emulsion washes away where the ornament was placed.
  4. The fun part. Yay. Place your tote under the screen. Then, drag a think layer of ink over the image using the squeegee. Lift the screen and stare in amazement. You did it!