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Ceci N'est Pas Une Bacon Printer

D-I-Y-, Design, Techandrea dulkoComment

I'm super excited that my Interaction13 talk has been accepted! In case the title is a bit too ambiguous, my idea, submitted under the "process" category, stemmed from thinking about the vast spectrum of completeness along which ideas might fall at the time they first-generate public interest. Where once a concept could gain traction with little more than a compelling description, false promises have led to skepticism and a demand for proven functionality. While this trend has successfully prevented those claims of bacon printers from delivering as something closer to poorly-rebranded Easy-Bake Ovens, it has put those with the skills to make things work at an advantage over strictly-visual designers. Luckily, more and more tools are emerging that make it easier for anyone with an idea to, not just think it, but to actually build it. I was hoping talk through a few examples of these tools, but quickly realized that the PechaKucha format does not leave a lot of time for explanation and detail across the scope of this scale. I probably should have though about trying for a longer slot. Next time! Anyway... my original submission description can be found at and I put a quick practice round up on YouTube. Please forgive the voiceover. Piercing.