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Secret Ingredient: Stolen Egg

Foodandrea dulkoComment

Cooking is not really my thing. It's not so much that I can't follow instructions or don't like doing it as it is I find cooking, and especially the subsequent cleaning, not worth the time taken from other activities I prefer... like eating. In any case, I sometimes get the urge implore the semi-homemade (this lady's a whacko!) method and thought I'd share this particular endeavor as people seem to find the live-telling of it quite enjoyable.

First, let me set the scene. It's Sunday, October 28 and Hurricane Sandy is rapidly approaching the Tri-State area. Brainwashed by 24hrs of non-stop NPR, the plan is head out and stock up on supplies. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, it's Sunday. The temptation of a quick brunch followed by a quick round while watching some football proves too intense and the supply-venturing is delayed nearly 4 hours. NBD, right? Well, no big deal assuming THE CAR BATTERY ISN'T DEAD.

Fast-forward, through jumping the car-battery, directly to the Target parking lot game-time decision of who is going to Supermarket Sweep it through the frenzied aisles, while the unstartable car runs out front. I don't get the assignment. Most of you would feel relieved, but as the minutes pass and tens of gallons of Poland Spring are carted by, I kind of start to feel the need to browse around in there a little. Just to see.


The car is packed and we're ready to head home. I can't. I shift back to park, announce that I need to use the restroom, and bolt through the automatic doors. Grabbing my wallet will likely arise suspicion of my true intent, but I am not about to let guilt stop me. I have three departments to hit and not much time. My must-haves are a fall-inspired nail polish color, some face paint in case Halloween is not cancelled, and supplies for cookie making. Hope for the bathroom story's plausibility remains high as I find a display of Funfetti sugar cookie mix conveniently located in the costume section, but plummets soon after upon the realization that I also need every single other ingredient.

Groceries have been hit hard. I think about abandoning the cart, but ultimately forge ahead to the final item. Apparently eggs are really popular before a weather emergency. The shelves were empty save two open, crack-ridden dozens from which I pulled a single, unscathed egg, zipped it into my soft fleece pocket and ran carefully to the checkout.

Needless to say the atmosphere back in the car was tense, but I got the stuff, got the egg home safely, and was able to put together the fab cookies pictured above.

Here's are a few of my own personal tips for baking and life:

  1. Don't measure anything
  2. Replace vegetable oil with olive oil
  3. Make your own topping... I enjoy this one:
  • 6oz (1/2 bag) chocolate chips
  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • Heavy cream
  • 1tsp instant coffee diluted with a little water
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • Melt the chocolate then slowly beat in the confectioners sugar, butter, and some heavy cream, alternating ingredients until you get a good texture going. The coffee and the vanilla can go in at the end before a final mixing.