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D-I-Y-, Interiorandrea dulkoComment

Old-school book covers make great wall art. A ton of the one you can find online today were put out by soda brands, and you know... soda + kids = frowned upon these days (but it's still so delicious!). A few of the examples shown here were pulled off eBay with a quick search for "coke book covers", "vintage school book covers", etc, but I picked up that framed-beauty a few years back a the Brimfield Antique Show. It features a fancy lady who loves Dr. Pepper AND a variety of sports. What a combo! Even better, it features the brand's 1950s slogan, "It's different... I like it!" which, by my standard, is totally enough reason to like something.

PS. I highly recommend you check out that the Brimfield site. It captures the in-person experience perfectly.