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Hi again. I'm working on new project called Fundid and am really excited to share it with you guys. Fundid combines elements from Kickstarter,, and an online piggybank into a fun, unique platform that makes it super-easy for users to save cash. (Ugh, this sounds so sales-pitchy... totally not the intent.) Anyway, once we're up and running, you'll be able to book that weekend trip or splurge on a new outfit before you even realize you've been saving.

Here's how it works. Users set goals for things they want, but might feel a little guilty swiping for right now. Let's use a 3-day getaway to Puerto Rico as our goal and set it for $1000. Once the credit and debit cards you want to use with Fundid have been linked, you're ready to start saving. Fundid allows users to create formulas dictating when and how much money to put towards a goal.  Do you drink a ton of Starbucks? Tell Fundid to put $2 towards your goal every time you make a purchase there.

Since no one uses cash anymore, our thinking around money has changed from a granular awareness of dollars and cents to a higher-level approximation of monies in and monies out. This attitude makes Fundid's formula system of adding a decided amount onto the purchases users are already making easy to adopt.

Be conservative with formulas like:

  • Add the cents ($10.23 bill = $0.23 towards goal)
  • Add 5% of every purchase under $20

Take it to the next level and with aggressive formulas for behavior modification:

  • Add $10 for every food purchase after 11pm
  • Add $20 for every alcohol purchase
  • Add $10 if I buy at Dunkin Donuts more than twice in one day
  • Add 10% of purchases over $200 and less than $500.

Totally up to you. Your create the forumlas!

So what happens when you reach a goal? First off we'll tell you what an awesome job you did. Who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement?! From there it's up to you. If you choose to use the cash you saved towards the goal you set, we'll hook you up with some great offers from our partner brands. For example, reaching that Puerto Rico goal might come with a steep discount from a travel site. Changed your mind? The money is yours! We'll just deposit it into your checking or PayPal account.

Sound good? Great. I'll keep you posted on progress. In the meantime... check out out site.