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Hudson, NY

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If you want to return home feeling absolutely repulsed by your current living conditions, this is the place to visit.

There are tons of antique shops, but I tend to stick to The Hudson Supermarket. It's well-curated with a mix of old new and, unlike many of its counterparts, that 'get me the hell out of this attic' yard-sale stank is beautifully off sent by the visual and nasal appeal of Malin + Goetz.

I came to the realization here in Hudson that a few of my fav lighting and furniture pieces were all created for moooi (nice site and look book btw).

From the moooi lighting collection: (horsey lamp!)



... and their awesome stackables:


You could totally hop up to Hudson from NYC for a quick day of shopping (er... browsing?), but why not make a weekend of it? Fair warning, summer weekends, like every other 1/2 way cute town within a 3 hours radius of NYC are a total shitshow. My recco is to wait until winter. It will be a lot more pleasant... and the snow/fireplace ambience won't hurt either.

 Where to stay:

Union Street Guest House

This has been my spot each time. The inn keeper, Mr. Wagoner, is super quirky in a good way. If you are traveling with a larger group of five or more, look into The Gallery Suite. It has a large living room, kitchen area, and three full bedrooms, plus, although I imagine this true of any room, the bathroom comes fully stocked with an Aveda product lineup so you can leave that Suave crap at home. Bonus!

A recent addition to the Guest House is the "U" Bar. A loft in the building adjacent tot he guest rooms, The U-Bar is basically a pimped-out chill space open to all guests. From the party lights, to the pay-what-you-wish stocked bar, to the intentional mix-and-match decor complete with DIY modifications (see WAG"o"NER sign above), this is the perfect place to cap off your evening... and not just because every place else is closed by 11. When asked how this space got its name, the response we received was something along the lines of, "Oh, I started having a lot of U's lying around so it seemed like a good idea." Indeed.

Photo credit: Alessandria Iannece