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Not-For-Living Room

Interiorandrea dulkoComment

Ever walk into someone's apartment and think, "Dayum, these folks are stylin'"? Ever notice what living room choices they've made resulting in such awesomeness? While the contents of this space may vary, one thing you won't see is a sectional sofa. Seriously, it's not 1987. These "couch sets" are totally fine for enjoying take-out Chinese food in your Snuggie, but when entertaining guests, please blockade such spaces. Instead, aim for a collection of accent pieces with little to no duplication.

Start making your friends jelly by throwing a few of these (or similar) pieces into your own living area. No one needs to know what's hidden behing that strategically placed decorative screen or oversized wall art.

1. Think acoustic musician and soften up that hardwood with an oversized antique rug.

2. I feel like every hip office this side of the East River sporting a slew these Eames-inspired chairs, and for good reason. Wooden legs = so fresh and so clean. You can literally put one anywhere.

3. A natural-finish Wishbone will keep your guests guessing, "Is she classic? Is she modern? Oh, I just don't care, I must have her."

4. Since your muted-seating pallet is already complimenting your vibrant rug choice, finish off the look with a striking, solid-color ornate chair.