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5-Star Girl's Guide To Camping

Design, Travelandrea dulkoComment

So you've been asked to go camping... like outside. Even been slightly tempted by such rustic-chic photos, but you know what's going on in there. Ticks. TICKS. LIVE. HERE. Fact.

Still, one thing you've never been called is a buzz-kill so I say go forth and camp the shit out it! Don't forget to pack a few of my recommended essentials to transform that marginally bearable (get it?!) chore into a rustic-chic weekend getaway.

  1. Make sure your tent is meant for at least 3 more people than are actually going to be sleeping in it. If it's a romantic evening for two you're going for, I recommend a 6-person tent with room to stand. This one from fits a queen-sized air mattress AND a little stand for late-night iPad movies. Oh, and you'll stay dry in the horrid-event it rains
  2. Remember there's no hotel lobby in sight so don't skimp on the products when packing. Bug spray, shampoo, conditioner, bug spray, and this Bumble and Bumble oldie-but-greatie. Keep your hair looking just enough like your participated in all the physical activities whether you did or not.
  3. Make sure to top off the air mattress which a so-fresh-and-so-clean down conforter. Sure you'll have to wash it again immediately upon return, but it's a lot more versatile, comfortable, and stylish than it's sleeping bag counterpart.
  4. Let's face it. Your dreams were crushed 8 (and 7, and 6, and 5) years ago at the American Idol auditions and reality has thankfully sunk in. There won't be any singing around this campfire, but you can still be the hero that tells nature to SHUT THE HELL UP with this sweet battery-powered iPad speaker. It's small, it's loud, it's awesome.
  5. FACT: gourmet s'mores > regular s'mores. Here's how it's gonna go down. Organize a s'mores-off competition,  stash some Plush Puffs specialty flavored-marshmallows, and let your secret ingredient carry you to the folding chair of victory. Winner gets to plan next year's trip.
  6. On that final morning, you're gonna need this. Even if you have to eat the contents of the packet sans-water, those on-setting Sbucks withdrawal symptoms will held to a manageable fogginess until you can pull into that first oh-so-welcoming highway rest stop.