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Color Pick - Teal

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tealIt's like a 1950's kitchen all over your everything!!!

  1. Get to the office in style... or just carry it around for effect - Penny Pastels Mint Mini Cruiser
  2. Cute and casual portage (just make sure to avoid entering Skankville and retire this piece at the first sign of dirt) - Herschel Settlement Backpack
  3. Pair these with you new ride... or not - Nike Stefan Janoski Mens Skateboard Shoe - Crystal Mint / Dark Atomic / Teal (Not avail in your size? You can get pretty close customizing your own with NikeID)
  4. Thanks Pinterest friends! It's not as easy as you'd think to find an espresso pot that has an appealing color AND the right shape. Love this one! Pantone Espresso in Retro Blue


Mattson Creative Dexter Posters

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dexter I've always loved these and, now that the series is over, decided to go in and actually make a purchase. The backstory is pretty cool, too. Basically, this began as a personal project, gained a ton of traction, caught Showtime's attention, and eventually led to a partnership. The artist, Ty Mattson, even got to make an appearance on the show! Check it out here:

Now I know a lot of people are hating on the way Dexter ended. I actually think it would have been tough any other way, considering what had gone down with Deb and Lagureta, and really enjoyed the finale. Let's face it, with the exception of the John Lithgow season, which was off the chains good, we aren't really talking about the highest-quality programming here. You know that most of you just watch because Michael C. Hall happens to be a smoking hottie.

Space Box

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Space Box is a super-useful (new?) Stripe integration. User's can begin accepting payments in literally minutes, without any coding. The best part is that it handles recurring billing too. Several other services I've experimented with either do not allow sellers to accept recurring payments at all or, at the very least, require a fairly involved programatic-setup. In contrast, for a reasonable fee ($19.99/mo) Space Box makes setting up a recurring billing just as easy as a standard, one-time charge.

Indian Motorcycles

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indianMarketing FTW! I'm so susceptible to advertising that the American Pickers sponsorship has gotten me completely obsessed Indian. While upon learning that its parent company is actually Polaris, my dreams of the open-road were temporarily ousted by visions of a dirt and leaf covered tarp housing a 1987 purple waverunner in a suburban driveway, Mike Wolfe's delivery of the "Choice in American Motorcycles" tagline was enough to bring me right back.

  2. Indian Motorcycle Round Vintage Bumper Sticker Vinyl Decal - ebay
  3. Indian Motorcycles Vintage Style Sign - Retro Planet
  4. Apparel - Indian
  5. 1930 Indian 101 Scout - Buck’s Indian Motocycle

Team Heights And Hills At 2013 NYC Marathon

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hanging_print_sm I'm super-excited to be running the 2013 NYC Marathon as part of Team Heights And Hills! They are a wonderful organization that helps older adults right here in Brooklyn and I am happy to be raising money for such a great cause. I even busted out the screen printing materials to create the above poster and sell it to help reach my goal.

Learn more about the team and my fundraiser:

Purchase a print:

Pins of the Week - Fun Dips!

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My most popular pins this week happen to fall conveniently into the dipped category.

  1. I've been admiring this is an absolute must have wallet in a friend's bag for months and finally found here:
  2. Recharge your old clutch with a little spray paint (h/t )
  3. Chocolate-Dipped Mojito Cheesecake Pops (h/t

She's Up All Night To The Sun

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concert_vaultAt first Spotify, Rdio, etc. were super-cool. I could pick whatever song I wanted and listen to it over and over again for free*. The problem is, I am now sick of literally every song and artist I can possible think to search for. That's why I switched it over to Concert Vault this week. There's lots of cool live shit on there. The UX is good too even though it doesn't look like anything great. Users can browse, search, or listen to most popular. Many shows are sliced-up into individual songs. I also like how the minimalist (relatively) player sticks to the bottom of the browser, rather than opening a new window, allowing for simultaneous site-navigation and music-control. *A buttload of money divided into free-feeling $9.99/mo segments

The End

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montaukEven though earlier posts got a fair amount of traction, I completely abandoned this genre after feeling personally dissed by Lena Dunham's belittling of travel guides during an episode of Girls. Anyway, I'm over it. Here are my picks for a fab day or two in Montauk, NY all rolled up into a loose itinerary. (PS you might notice that these recommendations match very closely to other's. That bc there are only like 10 establishments out there. Quality not quantity.)

Where to Stay Preface: Most places generally sell out well before the start of the summer season and/or require a two-night min on weekends. Going right before Memorial Day or right after Labor Day is a good option. That said, if your looking to venture out during prime time, I recommend calling around as there are always cancellations, and you won't get very far with most of the related 1997-style sites.

The Breakers is my go-to spot. Don't get too sketched out by the pics. It's clean, relatively inexpensive, and right across the street from the beach. They also have a pretty badass retro motel sign for photo ops.

Camping at Hither Hills could also be super fun, but it very crowded in Summer and booking is COMPETITIVE. No joke, you need to book that shit a year in advance. Makes sense since it's only $35/night and right door are $500+/night hotel counterparts. If you're up for an adventure, you can just show up here early on a Saturday morning (like 5 am early) and, again, ask about cancellations. There are about 2-3 last minute openings every week, but 8-10 cars waiting to jump on them.

Lunching It


More Eating!

More Dranks!

Opening Email Is So 2012

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I love Gmail surfacing the primary action from with certain types of mail. Those 3 seconds of life add up, yo! Again, this is not the newest-news, but maybe there is *someone* out there who hasn't made a purchase, booked travel arrangements, or made a reservation online in the past few months.

Tutorials Like Woah

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tutorialI got a new phone this weekend and, as usual, I wanted to start fresh. As I began manually downloading the essentials, I noticed that more that half of my most-used apps surface some sort of major screen-takeover tutorial. Showing up to three panels of swipe-through content, even for a logged-in user, is a little excessive this early in the experience. I doubt these are ever more than glanced over for a hint at what to do first. My advice is to not show tutorials on launch, but rather have them be always-accessible from a help feature. And also... please include a way to skip.